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Around here, partnership is everything.

In a region as diverse as this one, being able to fulfill all types of needs is essential. Whether it’s researching new technologies or working across several districts for one customer, our team has the macro- and micro-level expertise to bring you more support.

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Agronomy-first Approaches

Our team operates from a simple yet impactful strategy; Do what is best for each and every acre. That means providing technical guidance on every product from our comprehensive range of experts, as well as researching and developing additional agronomy-first needs.

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Ag technology and investments

One piece of our partnership is complex technologies made clear. There’s a lot of noise about new, cutting-edge solutions, but thanks to technology-integrated research, we find being a constant filterer of what’s best is better for all teamwork to come.

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A focus on Sustainable Customer ROI

At the heart of our services is evaluating what brings you responsible, long-lasting value. From our localized research and development to hands-on planning and budgeting, we strive to help you continuously build a business that’s better for all.

Level-up your growing. Connect with an agronomist. 

Growing happens beyond the field, too.

Your business is unique to you, but connecting with other growers and experts in your area can be an excellent source of learning and support. Explore the upcoming ag events in your region down below.

February 22: NorthCoast Viticulture Aquatics Virtual Update

February 22, 2022


March 15: NorthCoast Viticulture Product Label Updates

March 15, 2022

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Recent tips and agronomic news from the Western South

We’re always keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging knowledge and insights that we can incorporate into our services. Read up on the following findings:

January 2022 Almond Update

January 2022 Almond Update

A new year is upon us and soon almonds will be breaking dormancy to kick off the 2022 growing season.  As the proverbial question asks, which came first, the chicken or the egg?  One might ask, which comes first, new roots or new leaves?  As can be seen in the graphics below it is clear that immediately following bloom leaf out begins and after that, the first flush of spring root growth occurs (research conducted by Patrick Brown, et al). 

A New Layer of Data from Trace Genomics

A New Layer of Data from Trace Genomics

The gap in fully understanding soil chemistry has always been a lack of data for the unseen portion of the plant: the root system and soil rhizosphere. This is where Trace Genomics—Wilbur Ellis’ impressive new offering in analytics—comes in.

Post-Harvest Irrigation Management

Post-Harvest Irrigation Management

Almond harvest is not only stressful for growers trying to deliver nuts to the processor—it’s also inherently stressful for the trees. For several reasons, it’s not uncommon for orchards to go through weeks of dry periods in which irrigation is withheld.

Optimal Inputs of Nitrogen and Potassium

Optimal Inputs of Nitrogen and Potassium

Traditional recommendations are to consider applications of up to about 20% of your annual nitrogen budget for pre- or post-harvest timing. However, this is not a universal recommendation. Likewise, post-harvest potassium has its own critical replacement rates.

Fall Foliar Nutrition

Fall Foliar Nutrition

Almost 14 years ago, Wilbur-Ellis initiated trials investigating yield responses to various fall-applied foliar nutrients, and has since found that almonds are quite responsive to well-timed foliar nutrient treatments. Read up on the performance of our most successful treatments.

Timing is everything.

Our products offer a wide array of solutions. But at any given time of the year, precision is the name of the game. Backed by extensive research, the relevant chemistries and branded technologies you’ll want to consider for optimizing this window of growing are featured here.

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Our solutions live in two places at once–online and nearby.

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